"A Company" Response Envelope (pack of 10)

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Shrink wrapped in a pack of 10.  The new, "A Company" form/envelope provides a convenient way to sign up or increase your "A Company" giving.  This handy, 2-in-one, response form and courtesy envelope can be used in your presentations as a stand-alone or as a companion to the "A Company" flier.

"A Company" Flier (English) 

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    Be sure to visit for information, presentation resources, and a fun video you can play at your meeting. The script is also provided, so you can recreate it with your group.  

    "A Company" is a united company of women and men moving with intentionality to fulfill the prophetic destiny spoken by God over Aglow. We are a committed company who invest finances in Aglow beyond Global Partnership. If you're an Aglow leader, you'll want to have these materials on-hand at your Lighthouse or local group. Be sure and specify how many packages you'd like to receive when placing your order.

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