Freedom from Darkness Brochure


A power-packed brochure designed to be a hands-on tool to help those new to the Kingdom of God. Sold in packs of 20.

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A new Tools for the Harvest – You Can Live Free from the Influence of Darkness, formerly Freedom from the Occult, is a power packed brochure that is designed to be a hands on tool to help those new to the Kingdom of God.  Prodigals are coming and so is a vast harvest.  Many have been involved in the kingdom of darkness and need help in breaking the chains that once held them in captivity.  You will find a definition of what is considered to be darkness and then, you can find the way out by praying the simple prayers given.  Scriptures to help your attendees stay free are included. 

We promise that you will want to include them in the packs your team prepares for first time attendees, as well as, having a supply on hand for outreach events. 

Sold in packs of 20 or you can download and print the brochure out for free on the Aglow website.

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